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How to choose domain name for SEO ranking.
October 7, 2017

Google Penguin Update and Penguin Recovery process

google penguin update

Google penguin update one of the most important update like Panda update in Google. Google launch Penguin update in April 2012. This update gets the release for stop backlink spamming. Here are we going to discuss Google Penguin Update and Penguin Recovery process.

The reason behind the launch of Google Penguin Update.

At starting when is your concept get to launch the SEO people use keyword stuffing technique for ranking in a website. But when Panda update gets released, the situation gets changed totally. The site doing keyword stuffing get punished and lost the ranking.

Then the issue people develop a new strategy for backlink stuffing or keyword spamming. At that time, the site has more backlink means the rank will be higher.

 More number of backlink = More higher rank.

Then these SEO people take another strategy called backlink stuffing.  They hire some people for creating backlinks for the website. These people born in every blog and in the comment section they just put some text with a link to there site.  for the link, they use their targeted keyword. This technique is called keyword spamming or keyword stuffing.

By using this blackhat technique so many non-popular websites start ranking in search engine. The website which does not do this bad technique, they last ranking in SEO.panda recovery process

At the time Google thinks about changing the strategy. From this situation that Google Penguin algorithm started.

Google collects all the backlinks pointing to the site and starts to analyze them. They are observed so many sites do keyword spamming.Then they apply Google penguin update algorithm on that site. Can decide who is following this black at technique lost their ranking.

Google also divide backlink in dofollow and nofollow category. Like most of the link giving from social media platform become nofollow link and the original backlinks means from a good site they treated dofollow links.What the nofollow links Google doesn’t give any SEO ranking and SEO ranking will work only for dofollow backlinks.

Negative Seo and Disavow Technique

After releasing penguin update very nasty this thing starting in SEO. Sometimes willingly some people apply Black hat technique on their competitor’s site. And they get result also. As a website owner, you don’t have control on your user’s comments. At the time so many big popular sites lost their ranking due to penguin update when they do not do any wrong thing. at the time Google introduces a new technique called Disavow Technique.

Penguin Recovery process

Penguin recovery process is not very easy, but there is all some guideline by following which you can rescue from Google Penguin Update and your side get back ranking.

Here are the following steps of Penguin Recovery process-

  • When you hit by this blackhead technique you can analyze your backlinks property by using Google Webmaster tool, AFREFS, Majestic SEO.
  • You have to put all the details of the backlinks in an Excel document.
  • By looking the site you have to determine that feeling so good and whistling sir dangerous for your site.
  • Have to make a separate Excel document for the link which is dangerous for your website.
  • You have to contact the site owner who is providing that that link which is dangerous for your website. You have to request them to remove those links.
  • After 2 to 3 time requesting and mailing them if they don’t remove those backlinks, then you can put all these backlinks along with the site details in an Excel document and submit them in them in disavow page of Google Webmaster tool.

Penguin Recovery process



But then also it is not very easy. It will take a lot of time to analyze all the links which is good for you and which is not. Sometimes if you don’t have enough time for analyzing then you can hire some professionals. Normally you have to request Google two to three time for disavow the bad links. At the time sometimes Google ask the proof that you tried your best to remove those bad links. Here to submit the mail you send that website or not following the links.It will take time but if you follow it properly then you can recover your side for penguin update.

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