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October 7, 2017
How to create contents that gets traffic
October 7, 2017

How Google Panda Affected Website Creation

What is Google Panda Update and How to recover a site hit by Google Panda update.

What is google panda update?

Google Panda update is one of the major update till now in Google.This update release by Google around  March 2013. After this update get release so many popular and nonpopular website lost their ranking.Here we will discuss how google panda affected Website.

how google panda affected Website?

Google Panda mainly target the website which content is very weak or have some spammy low-quality content.If the website is not well optimised and the content of that post on the blog is very weak i.E.  very short in length then the Google Panda hit them and brock the ranking of that particular domain name.

It is very dangerous update .when a blog or a particular page hit by Google Panda update, it affects the complete domain name. So complete website lost their ranking.

The recovery process from google panda update is not a very easy task. But we can slowly increase our ranking by properly follow recovery process from google panda update. We have to keep in mind it is not a one day or one month that’s it may take 6 to 7 month or maybe one or two years also.

To recover website from Google Panda update we have to know how google panda affected Website and for which reason Google Panda update affecting our website. When is the following reason for what Google Panda update mainly affect the website?How Google Panda Affected Website


The reason behind effect your website by Google panda update.

Major factors:-

  • website with low-quality content.
  • website work as a content farm.
  • the website that has spammy content.
  • so many useless pages indexed by Google.
  • duplicate content i.E.  author copy the content from another blog or website.
  • Very poor grammar used in content.
  • loading website of the website is too much.
  • website not optimised for SEO.
  • website content too much-broken link.
  • Blackhat or over Optimisation also a reason for hit website by Google Panda update.

Other factors:-

There could be other factors, but these are something that needed instant attention. Most of the broken links and redirects were quickly fixed by the Broken link checker WordPress plugin.Now before we move ahead, here are some factors you should know about Google Panda:

  • It’s a domain level penalty.
  • A few low-quality posts can drop overall domain ranking.
  • Google trust quality sites.
  • Google Panda lowers down overall ranking of low-quality sites.
  • On-site SEO optimization becomes important.
  • The quality of a post is taken as a prime factor for ranking.

When we going to write some content we have to see the content length should be more than 2000 to 3000 word. Very less information content is very dangerous for a few people to rank the particular website on the blog.

When I going to write the content who have to take care of the keyword. Optimised keyword stuffing or under optimise your stuffing both is very dangerous to rank.

The content of the blog or the website should be unique I’m in no and Other website has the same content if you do that copy paste from another website and just paste special here it will be very bad Concept for that website. In this case, there is a huge possibility to affect the website by Google Panda update.

Sometimes we use to indexed too much pages. I will suggest you not to indexed unwanted pages because of so many unwanted pages maybe A Reason by affecting the website by using Google Panda update.If the content writer does not have proper grammatical knowledge then also it will be a huge reason for the emitter website by Google Panda update.


In above we discuss how Google panda affected Website, and reason behind website effect by Google Panda update.for recovery process from google panda update, you can read this article.


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