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How to choose domain name for SEO ranking.

Here we will discuss How to choose domain name for SEO ranking!

What is domain?

A domain is a human-readable website address. Domain name is unique, a single domain represents a single website only.How to choose domain name for SEO ranking

 A domain is divided into 4 separate segments.

how to choose domain name for SEO ranking

  • Protocol
  • subdomain
  • domain name
  • top level domain

Top level domain.

A top-level domain is a suffix add or appear to the last or end of the domain name.

Example of a top-level domain:

  1. .com
  2. .gov
  3. .edu
  4. .in

There is almost more than thousand type of abdomen available. Almost all country have a separate top-level domain like, for India-.in, for United Kingdom-.uk etc.

This includes things  .book, .clothing, .dog, and .lifeinsurance e.t.c.

Domain Name

Domain name is the second level of the domain. It may be your business name, your organization name or some specific name whatever you want. Through the domain name Someone can access your website. Choose domain name for SEO ranking very important.

Example of domain name:-

  • websotips
  • flipkart
  • amazon

Root domain

Root domain is mainly the combination of domain name and top-level domain.It mainly created in the context of DNS (domain name server). It is the URL of the highest page in website hierarchy.

Examples of root domains :

  • webseotips.com
  • idealbranding.in
  • moz.com
  • bartamanpatrika.com


A subdomain is the  Third Level of domain hierarchy.Normally we add subdomain before the domain name. But just have domain is totally optional. Nowadays so many people do not use for the subdomain in their website.

Examples of subdomains :

How to choose domain name for SEO ranking.

Traffic in website sometime depends on how you choose domain name for SEO ranking. Here is the following step guide you to how to choose domain name for SEO ranking.

1. Choose a domain name that easy to Remember

You have to choose a domain name in such a way that a human brain can easily remember that. Because it increases the chance visitor visit your website directly.Always try to choose a domain name whose length is shot, maximum10 to 15 words. Especially try to avoid number or special character in between your domain name.

how to choose domain name for SEO ranking

2.Use a broad keyword if possible.

Try to use a keyword as a domain name if possible, or if it makes any sense. If you use a keyword in Domain it is very easy to explain what business you do.But never used “keyword-rich” or “targeted-keyword”.

At the present time, Google updates the algorithm such a way that if someone uses this keyword in URL then the URL will be considered as a low-class domain(such as best-pancake-pans-for-pancakes.com). But sometimes use a keyword in your domain may be useful for your website in SEO point of view.

3.Avoid hyphens

Sometimes we took a domain name which has more than one word(such as webseotips.com).To separate the word sometimes we use a hyphen(web-seo-tips.com).But using in between domain name indicates it a spammy website.It decreases the domain quality. So it is highly recommended not to use a “-“ in between domain name.

4.Use .com as top-level domain

Always try to take.Com  as a top-level domain(TLD).Because it is most commonly known TLD.If someone knows your domain name then she/he can automatically add.Com TLD. In this case, there is a huge possibility to increase traffic to your website.If .com is not available try to take another popular TLD such as .gov,.co,.edu,.in e.t.c.

Similarly, it is also advisable not to take nonpopular TLD, such as.book,.dog.info.E.T.C. If you take non-popular TLDthere is a possibility to decrease traffic in your website.

Choose subfolder over subdomainChoose subfolder over subdomainChoose subfolder over subdomainChoose subfolder over subdomainChoose subfolder over subdomainChoose subfolder over subdomainHow to choose domain name for SEO ranking

5.Choose subfolder/subdirectories over subdomains

Almost all search engine keep different Matrix for domain rather than a subdomain. Although subdomain and site subdirectory treated equally, then also it advisable to keep your content in subdirectories rather than a subdomain.Because almost all search engine preferred subdirectory over subdomain.

For example – www.webseotips.com/blog/ rather than blog.webseotips.com.

6.Domain age

Another important factor in SEO is domain age. It really matters that how old the domain name is. The old domain name has an advantage over a newly registered domain name.

The age of the domain name depends on how long before the domain name get registered and Google search engine crawls the domain name at the first time.

If the same quality of content available in a one-year-old register domain site and another 10 years old registered domain site, then the 10-year-old website easily get a higher rank than a 1-year-old registered website.

So it is advisable to take old register domain name for a newly registered domain name.




In above we discuss how to choose a domain name for SEO ranking. If you follow this it will help you to find or select a good domain name.For our another case study you can click here.


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